Wind down to build up.

Why are there so many places to be?  Things to organise?  Children to taxi?  Children to feed?  Dogs to walk?  Floors to tidy?  Gardens to weed?  Speeches to write?  House sitters to organise?  Costumes to make?  Cakes to make?  Shopping to do?…….the list, the list is endless and the answer for me is – the Rotorua half ironman must be around the corner!  Haha *sigh!  I have been here before…….and foolishly enough I am back for more.  More kilometres to swim in a cold Blue lake, more punishing hills to ride up. more hills to run up.  More natural beauty to take in as the setting is picture perfect, some of the best in NZ.  There is a difference to the race this year.  This year this half ironman (the toughest course in the country – had to add that!) is merely a “wee” run in, a preparation for the main deal in March!  Holy moly how can that be so, well it is!  Yes, I am nervous as hell – even though this will be my 5th half ironman, it is still SOOO big and to think I am daft enough to double the distance.  Love a challenge.


The last few weeks have seen me do a five hour bike ride, yikes that was tough.  I did the Welcome Bay hills and all the roads off the main road – big, huge, massive.  I think my legs are still recovering!  I focus hard on the end goal and know this is all such good training.  I really enjoy the weekly challenge of working out all the logistics of how I will fit it all and to date, I always manage to, it really makes me tick!  I also like the big physical challenges that each week presents.  It still fascinates me that on an easy week I feel tireder that on a hard week – that is how the body recovers.  The longer sessions give me the time I crave to reflect on all aspects of my life – from kids, relationships, the future, the Trust, Montessori education……what I urgently need from the supermarket, the pressies I haven’t bought, the emails I need to answer, what time kids need to be picked up etc etc!!!  The training is a good time for me to regroup as me.  I don’t often get to be just me.

This past week the big man has been away, with the added extra of dance rehearsals it has been a huge week – especially for Paddy Boy.  Lots of waiting, car rides and late nights.  We have wonderful friends who are there to help and it makes tricky times easier. Love, love and cherish my friends – you make me laugh, motivate me, ground me, nourish my soul, look out for our kids, look after our kids, and most of all, I know you are there anytime of the day or night.  A very extra special Merry Christmas to those friends we choose as our family.  Hurray we made it and Grant’s home now for summer, yippee, such a good feeling.

P.S I promise to let you know how I get on my ‘wee’ training run out!!  The forecast is HOT.  Marvellous.



It’s been soooo long!

Hello people!!  Here I am!  Still alive and more importantly ,I am still the swim, bike, run Mum!

The journey continues and it is a good journey – a really good journey.  I am struggling with the fact that almost two months have passed since I blogged.  How did that happen?  I really thought I could train and blog; reality – I train (often at 5.30 am) then chase my tail for the rest of the day and the day turns into weeks and then months……  so for the foreseeable future I shall chase my tail like our mad spotty dog does!!

Trying to think of the high points of my training; there have been many.  Not least doing regular 30km-plus runs, long bikes and ocean swimming.  I have definitely moved to the next level of fitness and it feels GOOD!!!  The high points are also all the people who join you on your journey, from those who actually train with you, to those who enquire at the school gate about how you are getting on, through to the ever-supportive Grant who sends me random surprise texts telling me how proud he is of me and how good I am going.  People who you really don’t think will join you on your journey DO.  A time of new friendships and for me – bonus!

We had two weeks of school holidays.  In the end we decided to stay at home and just enjoy the Bay and do some much needed work on the garden and it looks great.  We have such busy lives with activities we all really enjoyed the break from the routine of having to clock watch and rush.  The lovely Leo went on a South Island adventure; golly I felt quite emotional at the airport saying goodbye to him for ten days…..what the heck will I be like come January!?  Leo had a fantastic time, he did lots of amazing stuff – lucky boy.  We all missed him.  Surf season started and Henry started back at Oceans training – his happy place on the water on a board with his friends.  Our summer house, aka the surf club, is open for business!!!  Thank goodness for carpooling with friends as it makes the weeks slightly easier to negotiate!  The weather was utterly fantastic over the holidays, beach days – strangely warm.  We were inundated by the Manawatu Mitchells!  A full full house and fun days.  I loved having everyone here and watching the kids all interacting; particularly Patrick – he was utterly besotted by his big cousin, Dayna. It was so cute as he just gazed at her in adoration.  I understand why, she is gorgeous, fun, happy and took such good care of Paddy when they were playing spotlight.  Some members of the family enjoyed a few wines too lol!!  Fun times.  I was so lucky as Lynda is a masseur and she brought bed up to the apartment they had rented in the Mount.  I was truly spoilt and my body loved it.  Lynda is a fantastic masseur – shame she lives so far away. The day after I had my legs worked on I was the fastest thing on two legs – TRUE!  Or that is how I felt, hehehe!  A big thank you for your time and massages.  We all climbed the Mount together, fun day and all the kids were swimming.


We enjoyed a Mitchell/Marshall family day in the Redwoods, it was fantastic.  Man I love that place.  Great company and great biking – the kids were amazing.  Even Freddie and Benny were up on the Challenger.  I used the Redwoods as my bike training and it was so HARD…..the Redwoods reminded me that I am not as strong as I think.  I had Paddy on the front of my bike, so balancing the weight was a trick and he kept standing up and screaming, ‘Go faster, Mummy!’ We are so lucky to have the Redwoods on our doorstep, now we need more time to do it!  We had a post bike bbq at the Marshall’s and the kids were thrilled to feed the lambs – good ole NZ spring days.


The school holidays came and went and now we are in Term 4 – the end of the school year is on its way and so are the BIG training sessions.

On the last day of the holidays Leanne (who is an Ironman and an inspiration and mentor to me) and I had a wee road trip to the Karangahake Gorge and we did an off road half marathon.  We knew what we in were in for as we have done it before – but it was still a surprise as to how TOUGH it was!  It was stunningly beautiful too, running through DOC land and, of course, I had great company.  The run took us a long time……….worth it.  On our way home we soaked our weary bodies in the Athenree hot pools and had a feast on delicious oranges that they were selling at the side of the road – best oranges EVER!  Below is us just having finished the race.



There is no doubt the body is getting stronger and used to the abuse!  I have really noticed a big difference in my training when it is hot – woah!  I take in heaps more fluid, I have my water refill stops for my bike route and run – so I have that covered.  My main whinge is sun screen in my eyes……shame! How could I forget the wind, OMFG!!  The wind, it is awful – Il Nino is here and it is windy, head winds everywhere you go – makes for a tough, tiring and sometimes miserable bike.  As in the song, when the going gets tough ,the tough get going, so I just keep on going!!  Summer =I no longer need to go to Otumoetai pool – yay!!!  I have a strong dislike for that pool – it is miserable.  My local outdoor pool is open for the season and the ocean is warm enough too – yippee!  Although there are jellys – scary!  Charlotte and I have been ocean swimming together on Thursday nights, I am so proud of my girl.

My two youngest Freddie and Patrick had tonsillectomies and the works month ago.  It was a big day for our family.  Granny came up to look after us all. Thank you universe for super Grans that love to look after us all.  It was a long two/three weeks recovery and the boys were brilliant.  There was a lot of sleep deprivation – it was exhausting for everyone. Freddie struggled and I really struggled watching him in pain.  We were looked after well by our surgeon and both boys are now as good as gold.  I was secretly delighted as over that terrible two week period and training weeks hard and very hard I only missed one swim.  I patted my own back.  As always our friends were amazing and there for us, helping drive kids places, food and love parcels etc etc…..wpid-20151027_123503.jpg

Nurse Mummy with her charges!

Last week my “baby” turned four, how the heck did that happen.  He choose his cake and his birthday and didn’t want a party – only a family one (yay).  We enjoyed helping our boy turn four.


Paddy with his pirate cake.

A week of celebrations……Freddie decided he wanted a party – he was feeling ripped off as his birthday is December 27th, right in the middle of school summer holidays and Christmas.  He had a party-his first one ever!  It was a rugby party with Grant as the ref.  The cake was amazing and made lots of little boys very happy 🙂  I can’t claim the cake…… talents have limits!  My friend Sue made it – yes I know she should be in business!


There we have it, my overdue blog!  Now I must train on – you don’t become an Ironman by sitting on your chuff!

Over and out, the athlete x

P.S  I can’t end my blog without saying wahoo the mighty ABs!  Thanks for the Levis early morning screening and breakfast parties………

WhyWeTri has lots of neat pictures and quotes – this one resonated with me.


166 Days to go!

wpid-20150926_101408.jpgMy main support man, without him none of this would be possible.  We are the dream team Mitch!

I was planning on having the whole weekend off to recharge as I have been going hard for a while now and life, even without training, is fairly busy too!  Most of the weekend we have had seven kids give or take couple to different places – they are a great bunch.  We have enjoyed numerous games of Uno…..and yes Grant you are still the supreme winner (not sure if that counts when you are playing against kids).  Even Paddy, the three year old, is well into Uno!  Saturday I was totally pooped, so it was such a treat to hang out with friends and kids.  The house minus me watched the opening ceremony and game of RWC.  The fever is here!  I am not a rugby fan – but go Japan, now that made me happy!

After a busy non training day I was so looking forward to a restful night – we were all in bed in good time 🙂 I was woken by my lovely Leo on Skype to Germany……aghhh the problem with being a super light sleeper.  I woke Grant and asked him to go downstairs and ask Leo to shhhhh, but Grant  said no and to leave him and tell him in the morning.  That was me wide awake!!  Finally back to sleep and poor wee Patrick was coughing with the dreadful croup cough.  He came into bed with me and Grant went to his bed – in between taking him onto the deck so he could breath.  All in all not much sleep and all my body wants is SLEEP!!  I even got some magnesium to help the cause.  Not sure why I am blogging all this, but I guess it gives you an insight into my world and my struggle for rest.  It is hard…if not impossible to do IM without the rest!  I am partaking in the greatest juggling act of all time and I thank the coffee gods for coffee on a daily basis 🙂  Leo was so apologetic this morning, bless him.

The good thing is that because I was up and wide awake in the middle of the night I googled swim sessions and got a few great ideas.  Sunday morning weather was yuk, so I left everyone at home and hopped into the pool and did my biggest session yet – let’s hear it for a 3.5k swim woop woop!  The session really mixed it up for me as I was getting bored of my usual routine.  I am feeling satisfied with my performance.  Sometimes sneaking in a cheeky Sunday swim eases my week and gives me more time to do other stuff.  I also don’t need to rely so heavily on friends to watch Patrick etc….

Roast beef and veggies prepared, banana cake in the oven – lying on the sofa while Henry and Paddy watch Penguins of Madagasgar –  now this is good rest.

I have always known that NZ is rugby mad and Monday proved it to me again!  Grant, Leo, Henry and Freddie were all up to watch the 4am game.  Charlotte, Patrick and I have more sense – I left home at 5.40am for a bike ride, the rugby had finished and everyone was in the kitchen.  I often bike at this time, roads quieter etc, and it leaves me more time in my day to do all the other stuff that needs done.  Today was DIFFERENT as I decided that most of NZ was up, houses were all lit up, TV’s on and judging by the amount of traffic people were going off to work early!  I wonder how the work force will look at 4pm today and I wonder how vile my kids will be??

Going long on the bike – was long and good!  I think I have my nutrition fixed, I chopped up the  Nothing Naughty protein bars and snacked on those, plus loads of water.  I even did a refill down at the Papamoa Surf Club.  Sitting on a bike for four hours is never going to feel great, but really, all things considered, I felt strong.  Yay a positive “I can do it day”.  The run off the bike was good too.  It is such sense of achievement having completed my long bike for the week, I kept imagining how I will feel after my 180k ride in Taupo – the power of positive thinking and visualisation.  However, the challenge is huge, full stop.

Wednesday.  After a pretty crummy night’s sleep, Paddy in bed with us at 10, Grant got out and then an over flowing pull up at midnight – joy!  I felt weirdly good and left at 5.45am for a lovely early morning run, it was beautiful down on the estuary and I bumped into a friend and another dalmation owner, always like to talk spotty dogs!!!  My body was okay as soon as I got going, I only did 60minutes though – the big run is tomorrow.  Thanks to my Irish rose, friend and unpaid child minder I sneaked in a swim too – thank you Lou (maybe one day I will get you in the pool- goan….!!).  Have you ever seen a donkey swim?  Well, I was that donkey in the pool, still managed 2.4ks, slow and steady.  Training my body to work and keep going through fatigue.

Longest run – so far!  I did a 2hour 49 minute run off the back of a 60 minute ride.  Interestingly my legs struggled on the bike and they were fine on the run.  In reality, I think I am looking at a six hour marathon on IM day – going be a long day that day!  Even the dog was tired today, hot and tired!  For those of you who have not experienced the NZ sun, it is hot and I am ashamed to say that I got sun burnt wtf??  I left for my run wearing my long sleeved merino top and then the sun popped out and I took it off and ran in a singlet – I just thought I was running hot, not burning hot.  White arms and shoulders got a fierce blast of it!  Mental note, always be prepared with the sun screen.

As my biggest training week yet (I think I will type that line a lot) draws to an end I feel a real sense of achievement and I can do it.  Today Meaghan and I rode to the Mount and I felt on fire – guessing my body is saying thank god this is an hour’s ride not a four hour one!!!  Each day training is another step closer to my ultimate goal; “Leanna Mitchell, you are an Ironman”.  School holidays started today, I am so looking forward to slowing the pace of life down for a few days – we all need a break from the routine.  Although the routine of IM training is relentless, at least it doesn’t involve getting five kids out the door 😉 Grant and Leo are out, the kids are watching a movie and perfect peace prevails.  Charlotte is already excited to come running with me in the morning, I love being a positive role model for healthy living to our kids and giving them the firm thought that anything is possible.

I always feel that I want to thank all the people in our world, the Mitchell world is filled with so many fun, kind and caring friends who keep our cups full to over flow.  We are blessed.

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Philosopher, Poet, Author, Essayist

The easy, yet not so easy, week!

This week is called ‘easy’, yet  on more than one occasion this week I have thought, “What the **** am I doing?  How the **** am I going to do it?”

I am lucky to have two IM mentors and both of them have told me that easy weeks suck, as you are so knackered and feel crap because  the body is recovering form the previous weeks of training.  My week’s training on paper looked great; doable distances etc, but in practise, it was HARD!

I am literally counting the days until Memorial pool opens – Otumoetai pool is not very inspiring.  Outdoor swimming is just so nice – ocean or pool.  My swimming is where I want it to be, and I am knocking out 3ks twice a week with considerable ease.  However, that said, I still really need to work on my arms – as I am a strong leg swimmer and that is far from ideal for tri’s.

Biking has been hard, as legs have been feeling so weak and my body feels like it is 110!  I pushed it up to Pyes Pa school (for those not familiar that is all an uphill 20k climb from my place) frick it was hard!  My legs had a crazy shake on at the top.  I did enjoy the downhill coming home!  My yellow bike now seems like mine – we are as one!  Phil from Koops did a great job sizing me and getting me IM ready.  I feel as comfortable as one can (possibly) feel on a bike 🙂

After my treatment from Lawrence (Osteo) and now IM mentor (hehe) I have realised that my nutrition during and post training sessions has been crap!  Today I had one bottle of H2O and one of electrodes and I had appropriate snacks and gels.  Getting enough in on the bike is the key to not bonking and being able to get off to a good run for the marathon.  I can honestly say I felt better today and I am putting that down to the nutrition factor.

I like having a direct line to Leanne – my help line!  She always has sound advice for me and helps me see the big picture of this epic journey.  I am blessed to be physically capable to be able to put on my shoes and run, to put on my togs and swim and to hop on my bike and ride – thank you Lawrence for reminding me of this!

Good end to the week, a ride with my friend Megan,wpid-20150918_095230.jpgas we cruised to the Mount and as you can see from the ocean behind us there was no sign of the Tsunami!  I really appreciated and enjoyed having Megan’s company.  I then took my spotty girl for a 60 minute run and it was fun!

Anyone out there who wants to join me at any stage you are more than welcome!  Anyone who wants to be an IRONman now that would be EPIC!


The Yellow Bike

Ahhhhhhhhh Saturday afternoon and I am at home.  Nowhere else to be.  Such a good feeling! And time to blog too – bonus!

Almost the end of a ‘hard’ week, only a short ride to do tomorrow.  I have been juggling my training schedule to work around life and the fact that my bike wasn’t quite ready for me.  It just means that this week I won’t exactly have a rest day – but I am okay with that as next week is an ‘easy’ one.

The mornings are fantastically light at the moment and I have been really enjoying my early runs and bikes.  Good to get them out of the way before 7am and allow me to concentrate on other things (such as kids, dog, Montessori Trust – I won’t even write house or garden as they are well and truly ignored!!!).

After my long run, my body felt good, I ran for 2hours 45 minutes.  I met so many people on my run so I did a bit of stop start chit chat – still time on my feet.  It was a glorious Spring day and the sun was shining and the water glistening.  Everywhere I run is rather beautiful; we are are so spoilt living here. I really don’t think I take it for granted as I am full of appreciation for all the natural beauty.  The long runs are slowly creeping up in minutes – wish I could say kms too, but alas I think I run like a snail!  As long as I keep putting one foot forward I will get there!

I am delighted to have my new bicycle and Grant has one now too 🙂  Thank you to Leanne and to Phil from Koops!  I have a fully carbon yellow frame (now everyone will recognise me) with all the componentry from my old bike.  I also have aero bars.  The bike is two frame sizes smaller, so a much better fit for me.  Phil did a great job sorting it all out and fitting me onto it.  I was rather nervous about being aero dynamic on my bike, as my core is very questionable due to 4 c sections!!  Thankfully, Phil took that all into consideration and I am ready to fly!

wpid-20150911_103811.jpgOhhh look at my mean as yellow machine, this baby is going to take on the ride of a lifetime, 180k for IM.

I had my longest ride yet.  I did a four hour ride this week.  It was windy and exhausting due to the conditions.  The noise of the wind is awful.  I had planned to really get the hang of my aerobars, but didn’t feel very confident with the strong cross winds that kept taking me by surprise.  I used them a little and they will take time to get used to.  My bike seems great and I have more power in my legs, I was sitting at 30k an hour without really breaking a sweat.  On my ride I became so fatigued, you know that crippling tiredness that my body just wanted to get off and lie down on the side of the road.  I did wonder how on earth I was going to do 7 hours on my bike an then run a marathon???  The feeling really put the epic challenge into prospective and I am feeling the fear.  I had Leanne’s voice in my head saying training through fatigue is a big part of training your body.  I made it home and then went for a 30 minute run, or shuffle, before racing to the shops and having 7 kids for a roast dinner!  I was in bed asleep by 8pm – rock on Friday nights!!

wpid-20150912_073343.jpgLook at my little training buddy.  This kids energy is contagious, she is so enthusiastic about IM.  Today she came on her mountain bike and I was running with the spotty girl by my side.  It was a beautiful morning and I loved having my trainer with me!!  Charlotte has a new bike with disc breaks and unfortunately two boisterous dogs (one being Neva)ran in front of her and she hit the breaks and went A over T on the track.    She was ever so brave and is covered in cuts, thank goodness she was wearing gloves as they saved her hands and allowed her to play in her hockey finals today.  We dusted her down and limped to the end of the estuary where Grant picked her and the bike up.  I ran on, forever the runner that is me!!

wpid-20150912_075754.jpgI love this picture.  Run completed we the merry Mitchells headed off to watch Charlotte’s hockey team play in the finals…..and they won.  Whoop whoop!  The end of a great season for her and a big thank you to those people who have enormously helped us with lifts and supported our girl etc etc….as three kids in three different places on a Saturday morning has been a challenge.  We certainly have that village around us that it talks about being needed to raise a child.  That is the end of Saturday sport for us until next year   We have a short breather now until Surf Lifesaving starts.

Did I mention that I am knackered…..just in case anyone cares!??

Battered Body Beetles, But Barely

The end of a pretty crap week of training for me.  I am so disappointed as I was on such a good roll with my training.  This is all part of the journey to Ironman.  My body is quite battered, more than I thought, I am not sure when I will be able to swim – putting my hands above my head is a challenge 😦  Just thinking strong positive thoughts.

On the flip side I have had two days off – today I went for a run, only a short 90 minute one.  It was beautiful this morning, really felt like Spring.  I was supposed to have done a 60 minute bike and and 2hour 30 min run.  Grant advised me to do a short one and I think it was good advice (did I just write that!?).  My battered body beetled out around the estuary.

As I type, my bike or should I say bikes are in at Koops bike shop getting sorted.  I will be very excited to get the end result.   A friend has loaned me a bike, a bright yellow fully carbon frame – everyone will spot me now!  I am combining the components of my blue bike and the yellow bike – to give me the best possible bike for Ironman.  I would dearly love a new bike – not in my budget – and I think the flying banana bike will be perfect for me.  All things happen for a reason and the splat on the road has got me into the bike shop and next week all being well I will have a bike that fits me better and aero bars, whoop whoop!  Phil, at Koops, is an absolute legend, and his advice has been invaluable.

I am very excited as Grant and I are off to a wedding.  The sun is shining and I know it will be a beautiful day.  I was all organised with a lovely friend coming around to look after my five kiddies – I was organised weeks ago (again we are so blessed to have such dear friends and kind people in our lives) and of course the plans have changed!  Henry has gone bush – rugby break up and he is somewhere near Opotiki, in the boondocks, with his rugby team.  I know he will have a fantastic time, even if his Mama forgot to pack him a packed lunch for today – his father gave him 5 bucks to buy a pie!  The crazy Willis people called by and picked up The Fredster and Paddy, and they have gone to have some fun adventures and a sleep over.  That leaves only Charlotte and Leo.  Charlotte is going to the friend’s place who was originally coming here to look after the five kids – she will have so much fun there, as they plan to plant up the veggie garden.  Leo is very happy to hang out here – he doesn’t get the chance for much quiet time around here and I think he is quite looking forward to it.

I am optimistic about next week’s training and glad all my kiddies are happy, and grateful that we  have the bestest bunch of friends in the world!


To the wedding we go!

SPLAT went me!

It has been a funny week of training for me so far.  I have had a couple of good swims, knocked out three ks in 55 minutes – I was impressed with that.  I think I have the fantastic treatment I had by Lawrence Wells (oesto) to thank for my swim.  He manipulated me, realigned me etc …..  I am looking forward to next weeks appointment!  Whatever happened the swimming has been great.  The swimming has never been an issue, I will get there, slow and steady – I plan to hang at the back and get into my groove and cruise the 4ks.  I am working a lot on my arms – lots of lengths using paddles and pool bouy.  I need to keep my legs for the 180 bike and 42 run that follow.  I had a horrendously wet and wild run on Tuesday, met one other person  on my journey around the estuary, she too had a dog and we stopped and had a great old chat – she too is an endurance athlete, working towards the Tarawera Ultra.  I love these spontaneous meetings of like minded souls, even in the howling wind and rain; our doggies had a nice game of chase while we talked events!

I had a big start to the week, with Maria Montessori’s birthday celebrations taking place on Monday night.  Severe weather warnings in place etc….Why are things never straight forward?  It was heart warming to have over 200 people attend the evening and we even managed to get some peace lanterns into the water.  We had hot dogs, cupcakes, singing and made a donation to Canteen (children’s cancer charity).  A lot of work goes into a night like that and it was great that the weather didn’t dampen our spirits.  The icing on the cake was being to share the great news that a new Montessori primary school is opening Term 1 next year.  I am so humbled to have been a part in making this happen, now more children can have all the amazing benefits of a Montessori education – as the Chair of the Trust it doesn’t get much better than that!  As you can imagine, school stuff has been taking up a huge amount of time and thoughts.

There are 184 days until I stand on the shores of Lake Taupo to take on the challenge of Ironman!!  Aghhhh just had to write that down!  I am so freaking excited already!

Today I was ready for a long bike, weather was ok, I had a route in mind and off I went.  I was five minutes form home when I went SPLAT on the road.  I am not sure what happened, I was fiddling with my sleeve and maybe unbalanced, no idea.  All I know is that I had the road like a sack of spuds.  Thank goodness there wasn’t a car behind me. A man came out of his house to check I was okay –  I jumped out dusted myself down and hopped on my bike.  I must have been in shock as that was a really stupid thing to do, I am scratched and bruised.  Anyway I rode on until my bike made terrible noises an then came to a screaming halt on quite a steep hill 5ks form home (I said a few bad words).

wpid-20150903_091433.jpgWhat to do?  Cry? I phoned my friend, as I knew she would be out with her doggie and she has a big enough car to fit my bike.  Yay she was close by and picked me up and delivered me home.  Hot bath for me.  Do not fear I shall post no pictures of my battered and scraped thigh – it is sore though!  It all worked out well in the end and I got to meet said friend Janet for a coffee with another friend Kristy.  Always nice to catch up.  A plus for Neva my doggie as Janet picked her up when she dropped me home, so very happy walked dog now too.  We went to the new cafe on Grange road, very nice indeed.wpid-20150903_104114.jpgGuardian angel of the day Janet!  From coffee I went to Koops to drop my bike in.  Might be expensive 😦  hope to get all sized and set up with aero bars and maybe a better bike – a friend has one for me to try out.  Doing an IM on a shoestring is possible, I am doing it!  Although I must admit I did see a fabulous bike I would like with a price tag of 5K, good to dream.

I have a new screen saver, this is it.11855724_1712812935609001_1848319002804939720_nI like it a lot.  My next challenge is to stop this going straight to Facebook as I know all this training malarkey is not everyones cup of tea!

A social week of training!

The sun has been shining and my training has been an easy week.  Really cruisey for me and my body thanked me lots!  I had company this week and I planned to add pictures to my blog of my training mates…….and damn I didn’t have my camera ready….or should I say I completely forgot to take some.  On Thursday my surf friend joined me on a two hour bike and a one hour run, she was awesome and I loved the company.  Maybe now she sees the challenge ahead – now that I verified the ride is 180k not 90!! Thank you, Michelle, and I am glad you are able to walk again!  On Friday I had the company of long time training friend Janet – we biked over to the Mount, met Kristy and ran around the Mount almost twice!  Friday was Mount magical day, blue sky, not too warm and not too cold.  The kind of day that energises every cell of your body.  My favourite part of training was sitting on the beach drinking fantastic double shot coffees from Sidetrack with the girls 🙂  I must say on the ride home my heart rate was super high and I thought it might pop out due to the caffeine in my veins!!!

Last week really didn’t feel like a training week at all.  It was good timing for me and my home life as my biggest boy turned 11 on Thursday.  We have had such a fun week, with our friends and Henry’s friends and of course exciting parcels that came in the post.  People are so original with their gifts (mental to note to self to up my present buying game)  Henry got vouchers for the luge to go on the new mountain bike track, mountain bike voucher, cinema tickets, high ropes experience to name a few!  One lucky happy boy.  We went tenpin bowling for Henry’s party and that was fun, but the best part was spotlight in the dark and roasting marshmallows.  It is the simple things in life that make us happy – no matter what age we are.

I could blog in about life, my life, my family and how blessed and happy we are – but alas this not the forum for that, hehehe!  Back to the training.  Each week I access my programme and how I can make work around an already full life.  One change that I have made and the difference is huge is that I no longer swim in the evenings.  I used to trundle of the pool twice a week with Henry and Charlotte on a Monday and Wednesday night.  Firstly, it can be hard to stay motivated to just get in the pool, never mind to do a useful swim and secondly, the pool is often busy and I hate sharing a lane with a slow breast stroker!  Thanks to my friend Asher, I now swim Monday and Wednesday mornings – this has made such a massive difference to my week.  Asher drops her big girls to Montessori and then comes to our place with the babies.  Paddy loves having Asher and the kids here too – win win situation.  I have to stay strong as I would quite like to have a cuppa and cuddle Sophie and Ollie…hehe.  But no, off I go leaving them all here in the warmth having fun with each other.  Asher is also my nutrition adviser – keeps me on the straight and narrow and helps me enormously.  THANK YOU Asher for all that you do.  You are a huge part of getting me to the start line.

Next week looks difficult before it has even begun, I have a few big sessions and the weather is to be wet and miserable.  Four hours on my bike in the rain!??  Hmmmm not something I shall embrace.  My week starts with a hiss and a roar – tomorrow night we (the royal we as in the Tauranga Montessori Education Trust) are hosting a birthday celebration for Maria Montessori.  We will be sending peace lanterns off in the water, singing songs, eating hotdogs and supporting the Cancer for Kids charity Canteen.  it is going to be a fantastic night.  I need to get myself organised and write a speech…….my least favourite part of the evening!  We are expecting over 200 people – the Montessori movement in Tauranga is so strong, it is an exciting time to part of this.

I will leave you with some wise words from Maria Montessori “No social problem is as universal as the oppression of the child”
― Maria Montessori

Sun is up and so am I


Hello people!  I love the sun coming up over the Waikerio, it is stunning and my signal to get out the door!  Festering in bed has never been my thing, I like to be up and get the most out of my day, there is always something fun to be done.  I guess this reflects in the people who I have in my life.  I like energetic people, risk takers, fun makers, crazy mission people, kind people, community minded people.  Surround yourself with like minded people and the fun and opportunities are endless.

My training today was so much fun because my beautiful friend, inspiration and mentor joined me.  Today is was Leanne and Leanna!  We have done lots together over the past few years including three Half Ironman events.  Leanne is an Ironman, she completed this epic event in March 2013.  She has so much knowledge and is such a huge support to me and my whole family as is Gazza.  Awww love you guys!

This morning we did a 60 minute bike ride, a hilly one.  I was pleased my legs worked – after yesterday and Thursday.  I must be getting recovery right.  I did sleep very well and deeply last night, aghhhh my body needed that.  Patrick didn’t come in to join us either – an undisrupted night of zzzzz is bliss and very rare around here.

Off the bike we did a two hour 10 minute run.  It was lovely, we did the route we used to do for our half IM training runs.  We got in some bush, some board walk and a long stretch along the ocean with magical Mauao watching over us.  I really like running with Leanne as we are a very similar pace, it is easy to train together.  Neva my spotty training an loyal training partner loved the run too.

Now to enjoy Saturday with my people with tomorrow as my day off.  Hard week=complete.


Leanne and Leanna on the bike and having a wee cuddle in front of Mauao!

P.S  The feed back I have been getting about my blogs has been overwhelming.  Thank you and I am glad you enjoy sharing my journey.

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